The BEST hard shell case for Gibson LG-1, LG-2, LG-3, LG-0, & B-25!

John Shults

Posted on February 10 2018

The BEST hard shell case for Gibson LG-1, LG-2, LG-3, LG-0, & B-25!

I get this question a lot: What is the best replacement hard shell case for my vintage Gibson LG-2, B-25, LG-1, LG-3, or LG-0? There are a lot of good replacement hard shell cases out there but my favorite for small body Gibson guitars is the Silver Creek Classical size case.

While it may say "classical", it seems to be taylor made for the Gibson LG body and neck shape. It has a great fit, offers excellent neck support, and is light weight. I don't even feel the need to add extra padding if I ship a guitar in this case. This case has an arched lid to protect another very important part of your vintage Gibson: the top in the bridge area. If your guitar takes a heavy knock in this area during shipping, the arched lid is there to provide a barrier to slow down the impact. I've shipped dozens of vintage Gibson LG and B-25 sized guitars in these cases. If you're looking for a replacement hard shell case for your vintage Gibson, you can click the link above to order direct through Amazon. You'll still pay the same price for it but I'll get a little kick back for helping you find it. That helps me keep writing helpful content on vintage Gibson guitars. Woo hoo! Thanks for checking it out. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the case when you get it!


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  • Andy : May 06, 2022

    Thanks for the article. Purchased this case for my 1949 Gibson LG-3. Fits perfect!

  • Mikey FS: October 01, 2020

    Thanks so much for this article! I was struggling to find a case and this was very helpful. My case just came in today and it fits great.

    Last year, my aunt gave me her 1959 LG-1 that she’s had since the 70s. She kept it in a terrible chipboard case that caused a lot of damage to the guitar over the years.

    I was so excited to get it, but knew I needed to find a case for it. I had to wait two months for it to come (backordered), but it was well worth it.

  • charles: September 09, 2020

    i’ve recently picked up a ’37 L-0 and am looking for a case, this one fits well? great site, thanks!

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