The 1959 DeArmond R5T

may be the perfect recording amplifier if you are looking to compliment the tone of your guitar.  You could gig it but you aren't going to be blowing out your local amphitheater or even small club with it.  These were made by Rowe industries in Toledo, OH from 1959 to 1961.  It features a 5 watt "Champ" style circuit with a 10" Jensen C-10.  They came stock with a Tung-Sol 6X4 rectifier tube, a Magnavox 6V6 power tube and an Amperex "Bugle Boy" 12AX7 preamp tube.  The T versions included a tremolo circuit with another Bugle Boy 12AX7 to run it and a foot switch to toggle it on and off on the fly.  

This particular amp was not played very much before it was put aside for many dormant years.  The owner bought it and a 3 pickup Kay Style Leader guitar but never really got into it.  Eventually the owner passed and the new owners had no use for it.  It wound up at my house in all original condition.  The cord had all but disintegrated so I replaced it with a proper grounded cord.  I don't like getting electrocuted.  Call me new fashioned.

Amperex Bugle Boy 12Ax7

There may not be anything magical about these Holland made gems but I can understand why you may think so considering the price for a good NOS matched pair.  They are well made tubes and I enjoy having them in my amp.  Don't ask me to pick them out from the tone over another well made 12Ax7 though.  That little dude is playin' the hell out of that bugle!

Do you have one of these that you would like to sell?  I'm looking for another.  Please email me about what you have for sale.
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