Carl posted about this guitar in the comments section of the post of my 1953 J-45:

I love getting these emails.  You never know what you are going to come across.  This one has 20 frets to the body, larger pickguard and non-adjustable bridge.  That would put it between 1955 and 1961 (about).  I don't have a picture of the FON so I can't nail down the year.  I have an up close picture of the fretboard and it looks to be flat-sawn Rosewood instead of quarter-sawn.  My 1960 Gibson Melody Maker has that same kind of ugly flat sawn Rosewood.  Could be 1960?

This was Carl's dad's guitar that was bought second hand from an old lady who had listed in the local paper.  I won't tell you how much he paid but it was less than 3 digits.  Good deal!!  Carl's dad never learned to play so it hasn't seen much playing time.  Hold on to that one, Carl!!

On a separate note, here is a video I took today of a Gibson I am currently selling on eBay:

Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see some more videos of vintage guitars!  I'll be uploading some videos of my J-45s and other guit-fiddles soon (hopefully).

This is a 1964 Gibson B-25.  Despite the total refinish, it really is a nice guitar.  I haven't played many Gibsons with ADJ bridges and I had always been told how bad they sound.  Maybe my expectations were low but I really like the way it sounds.  The high "e" string really rings true and loud.  It still has that little percussive "thump" in the body when you strike a string.

I am also very fond of this tune called "Murder In the City" by the Avett Brothers.  I did you the favor of not singing it in the video.  You're welcome.

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