Sometimes sourcing quality vintage guitars requires a lot of driving. This is the video I made of the trip to finally pick up this clean 1960 Gibson ES-335TD from the original owner in Pekin, Illinois. I was able to find two more vintage Gibson guitars on the way there. I'm always looking to buy clean vintage Gibson guitars. Are you looking to sell a vintage Gibson guitar like an ES-335? I'd love to check it and possibly drive there to get it. Contact me here to sell a vintage Gibson ES-335 guitar.

The best part of this story is the surprise 1963 Gibson ES-335 at the end. There was a nice looking 1974 Gibson ES-345 on the way there so I stopped to check it out. The seller was a prior music store owner and would often buy vintage guitars or trade new guitars for vintage. He traded for this '74 Gibson ES-345 and held on to it for 15+ years. We started chatting about our favorite vintage guitars and he mentioned he had a 1963 Gibson ES-335. By the end of the week, we were making a deal to sell his 335! I was very proud to get three great Gibson ES guitars in one week.

1974 Gibson ES-345


John Shults

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