This 1964 Gibson SG Custom in original White finish is a recent shop favorite! It's a surprisingly rare vintage guitar with very few examples made. The Custom trim level of the SG series includes three humbucking pickups, gold hardware, White finish, large pearl block inlays, and large Custom headstock inlay. This SG Custom was more than just nice to look at; it was a great playing example of the model from my personal favorite year 1964. 

As a Gibson guitar collector, I am looking for the nicest examples of 1964 Gibson electric guitars. In my opinion, 1964 Gibsons have the perfect neck width and profile. If you've inherited a vintage Gibson and are curious about what year it was made then check out Gibson Serial Numbers. If you're considering selling a 1964 Gibson SG and are looking for a qualified buyer then you can contact me here: Sell a Gibson

Gibson SG Custom 1964

Gibson's SG Custom model wasn't officially introduced as such until 1963, but the same body shape and features were made as the Les Paul Custom since 1961. It's a little known fact but believe me, it's true! You can check out the prior version of the model here: Gibson Les Paul Custom 1960. This new body style introduced in 1961 but not called "SG" until 1963 was far thinner, lighter, and a bit more aggressive looking than the single cutaway version from the 1950s. While not as valuable as a 1950s era single cutaway Les Paul Custom, the SG Custom is equally as playable and has a similar excellent tone. 

We can date this Gibson SG Custom to 1964 using a few different features I touched on in this article: How to date a Gibson SG. Its serial number, located on the back of the top of the neck, has 6 digits starting with 144 which falls within the range known from 1964. The potentiometer code inside the control cavity reads 137 6404 which indicates that the part was made during the 4th week of 1964. Other great 1964 features include the wide nut width of 1 11/16" and patent number sticker humbucking pickups. 

The most surprising bit of information I found about the SG Custom was how few were made during 1964. The Gibson Shipment Totals 1937-1979 book by Larry Meiners indicates that only 130 examples were shipped in 1964. That's far less than I would have guessed! 

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As a Gibson guitar collector, I am always looking for the nicest examples of 1964 Gibson SG guitars. If you are looking for where to sell a Gibson SG then I might be the buyer you're looking for. You can contact me here: Sell a Gibson. I buy guitars worldwide and am happy to travel for the right guitar. I can also arrange for all the shipping and insurance if I need to.

1964 Gibson SG Custom neck with pear inlay

John Shults

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