I've just returned from a guitar buying trip to Detroit, Michigan to buy two golden era Gibson ES-355 guitars! I was lucky to find both of these vintage Gibsons from two different sellers in Detroit. I always looking to buy for the nicest examples of vintage Gibson guitars from the 1950s and 1960s and these are great examples of the same model. 

As a Gibson guitar collector, I'm always on the hunt for the best examples of Gibson ES guitars from the 1950s and 1960s. I travel world wide to buy the guitars I've always dreamed of. Since Michigan was the home of Gibson guitars in the 1950s, there are many nice vintage guitars still there. You can contact me here to sell a Gibson guitar. Or if you're looking for more information on dating Gibson ES guitars then check out How to date a Gibson ES-335

Gibson guitar collector buys 1959 ES-355 guitar in Michigan

I flew into Detroit and met with the first seller of a 1959 Gibson ES-355 guitar. 1959 is one of, if not, the finest years for Gibson solid body electric guitars. The ES-355 T model debuted in 1959 with an attractive Cherry Red finish which is slightly different from those made after 1960. The earliest style Cherry Red finish is lighter and fades more significantly than later guitars leading collectors to refer to the red color in 1959 as watermelon. This ES-355 T is a fantastic example of the watermelon red color. The guitar is in great condition with all original parts that I was thrilled to buy. 

I then drove north a bit to Warren, Michigan to buy a 1961 Gibson ES-355 TDSV guitar from the daughters of its original owners. You can see that the later style red is quite a bit deeper red than that from 1959. The "TDSV" designation stands for Thinline, Dual pickup, Stereo, and Varitone switch. Gibson guitars with Stereo output and Varitone switch require a TRS stereo cable which connects one pickup to each side of a stereo signal. Many guitar players found the system not so usable, so they gutted the stereo electronics. It seems that the previous owner of this guitar thought the same and the pickups have been swapped as well. I'll be looking for a proper set of pickups to put in to match the quality of the rest of this Gibson. 

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I'm thrilled to be the next owner of these two golden era Gibson guitars from the 1959 and 1961. As a Gibson guitar buyer, I'm willing to travel worldwide to collect the Gibson guitars I've always dreamed of. I was happy to fly into Detroit Michigan, buy both guitars in person, and book a second seat on the return flight home. Air travel with vintage guitars can be tough, but booking a second seat makes it so much easier. 

If you've inherited a vintage Gibson guitar and are looking for a qualified local buyer then I'd be happy to take a look. You can contact me here to send pictures of your Gibson and information about its history: sell a Gibson

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