Fender Precision Bass 1965 Olympic White

John Shults

Posted on May 04 2022

1965 Fender Precision Bass Olympic White


I purchased this clean 1965 Fender Precision Bass in original Olympic White finish from the sister of its original owner in Chicago, Illinois! It is one of the nicest examples of the Precision Bass in any color that I've personally seen. As a Fender guitar collector, I am always looking for the nicest examples of 1950s and 1960s Fender guitars I can find. I was thrilled to find a Precision Bass from just before the changes from the CBS takeover of the Fender company in 1965 took place. 

When I am buying 1960s Fender guitars, I look for clean condition, all colors, original parts, and particular years which are known for being the best for each model. If you've inherited a Fender guitar and are curious about what year it was made then check out the Fender Serial Number Lookup. Or if you'd like to know how much I would value your Fender then check out Sell a Fender

How much is my Precision Bass worth?

To find out how much a Precision Bass is worth, I compare my Fender to similar guitars on the available market using these features: year of manufacture, color, condition, and originality. If you're looking for an expert's opinion of value then you can contact me here: Sell a Fender. It's important to compare vintage Fender guitars to similar guitars in order to find the price that a guitar buyer might be willing to pay for it. There is also often a difference in value in a private sale compared to a sale at a retail setting. 

The most important part of finding the value of a Precision Bass is to find out what year it was made. You can start here: Fender serial number lookup. Serial numbers for Fender guitars from the 1950s and 1960s work a bit differently than other guitars since the serial numbers are applied to easily changeable neck plates. It's important to also check the potentiometer codes, neck date, and features to find exactly how old it is. 

The exact color can also heavily influence how much a Precision Bass is worth. The standard color of a Fender bass guitar in the 1960s was Sunburst, but they were also offered in custom color finishes. Some Fender custom colors are more common than others, which usually translates to differences in value as well. Olympic White was a very popular color for Fender guitars in the 1960s, so it's more valuable than Sunburst, but not as valuable as Lake Placid Blue or Fiesta Red. 

Fender Precision Bass 1965 white with original blue silk wrapped strings

Fender Guitar Collector

As a Fender guitar collector, I am always buying Fender Precision Bass guitars made in the 1950s and 1960s. If you've inherited an older Precision Bass and are curious about how much I would value it then you can contact me here: Sell a Fender. I travel world wide to acquire the vintage Fender guitars I've always dreamed of. I can offer an in-person transaction with no risk to you. 

1965 Fender Precision Bass Olympic White values and where to sell

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