This Fender Jazzmaster 1967 features the rare color Blond finish with Ash body! "Blond" is the name Fender chose for the standard finish for the Telecaster model. It appears as a kind of cream white finish that is semi-translucent: you can just barely make out the Ash wood grain through the finish. I'm always a Fender guitar buyer but I'm especially looking for Jazzmasters and Jaguars with the Blond finish. You can contact me here to sell a Fender guitar

You can check out more photos and information on this guitar here: 1967 Fender Jazzmaster Blond.

Dating a Fender Jazzmaster to 1967 is more than just looking up the serial number since the numbers weren't necessarily used in consecutive order. Not only that, but the metal plate attaching the neck to the body can be easily swapped with only a screw driver. We can date this Jazzmaster to 1967 using the neck heel date stamp which is "DEC 66" indicated it was stamped in December of 1966. We can also use the date on the pickups which is 1-20-67 indicating they were wound in January of 1967. You can check out more information on how old is my Fender Jazzmaster here: How to date a Fender Jazzmaster.

how to date Fender Jazzmaster with the neck heel ink stamp indicating 1967

What is the difference between Blond and Olympic White?

The Blond finish was offered in the price list for the Fender Jazzmaster model starting in 1958, but it seems that they weren't made very often in that color. It's really a bit too bad because I think it's my favorite! The Blond finish is distinguished from the Olympic White finish in two ways: it's semi-translucent and doesn't have a matching headstock. The Olympic White finish is opaque over Alder so that no wood grain is visible through the finish. The OW finish also should have a matching headstock until about 1971, but the blond finish has a natural headstock. Check out this 1962 Fender Jaguar Olympic White. You can also check out another Blond finished Jazzmaster here: 1960 Fender Jazzmaster Blond.

Fender Jazzmaster Value for 1967

The value of a Fender Jazzmaster depends on what year it was made, specific finish color, and how clean and well preserved it is. This Fender Jazzmaster was made in 1967 which is only about a year and a half after the CBS buyout of the Fender company. The finish is called Blond since it’s a cream white color with Ash wood grain showing through. Determining how clean and nice your Fender Jazzmaster is also affects its value. This Fender Jazzmaster has been played a lot but looks like a great vintage guitar. It has a couple of benign parts which make it a little more affordable and less valuable than a mint example.

Fender Jazzmaster 1967

This Fender Jazzmaster 1967 Blond is a valuable custom color vintage guitar. I’m always a buyer for clean Fender Jazzmaster 1950s 1960s but I’m especially looking for the cream white finish we call Blond. Be sure to contact me if you're looking for where to sell a Fender Jazzmaster especially if it's Blond. You can contact me at the red Contact Me button in the lower right corner of your browser. 

Natural finish headstock Blond Jazzmaster 1967

1967 Fender Jazzmaster Blond Ash custom color in original case


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