This 1960 Fender Custom Esquire guitar in original Sunburst finish with double edge binding has just come through the shop! It's a well worn example of a very uncommon version of Fender's Telecaster model. With an attractive Sunburst finish, double edge binding, and only one pickup, it's simultaneously fancy and simple. I purchased this guitar from the son of its original owner who cleared loved and enjoyed it all his life. 

As a Fender guitar collector, I'm always on the hunt for great examples of Telecaster Custom and Esquire Custom guitars. The Sunburst finish and double edge binding on a Telecaster body is one of my favorite aesthetic combinations. If you're looking for help with dating and value then you can contact me here to Sell a Fender.

How many  Esquire Custom guitars did Fender make in 1960?

How much  did an Esquire Custom cost in 1960?

Important Measurements including neck dimensions, weight, bridge style...

Model History a wonderful model but short lived and seldom ordered


1960 Fender Esquire Custom with double edge binding, Sunburst finish, and one pickup in the bridge position.

How many Esquire Custom guitars did Fender make?

Since Leo's company was privately owned in 1960, he was not obligated to publish or keep easily available production figures for each mnodel. We're left with only speculation at the moment, but it's possible that someone may acquire and publish the orders for such guitars for each year. The Fender Electric Instrument Co (1946-1965) had only one customer: Fender Sales in Santa Ana which was owned jointly by Leo and Don Randall. Fender Sales kept records for the orders for each model but the records have not yet been published. We are not likely to ever have confirmation on how many Esquire Customs were made, but we may get records of how many were ordered. 

As a Fender guitar collector, I can say that finding an Esquire Custom from 1960 was quite the task. The majority of the Fender guitars with this shape were Telecasters, then Esquires, then Telecaster Customs, and likely the least produced of the four was the Custom Esquire. It's an interesting combination of fancy upgrade (Sunburst and binding) and austere downgrade (only one pickup). 

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Vintage 1960 Fender Esquire custom production figures and price

How much did an Esquire Custom cost in 1960?

Fender's price lists from each year can still be found for research into how each model was priced. The Esquire Custom was listed at $199.50 in 1960 which was $10 cheaper than the Telecaster at $209.50. If we adjust the price of the Esquire Custom to 2022 dollars, then its price might be about $2,000. The collectible value of a Custom Esquire has exceeded its price adjusted for inflation by about 10x. You can find about more about the value of a Telecaster and Esquire here: Telecaster Year and Value.

Fender Esquire Custom price in 1960

Important Measurements

It's my goal to document and thoroughly inspect every vintage guitar that I come in contact with. Here are the important measurements from this 1960 Fender Esquire Custom:

Total weight: 7.2 lbs / 3.25 kg

Neck profile: 1st fret = 0.81", 12th = 0.98" deep,

Nut width = 1.67" (standard width)

Pickup resistance: unfortunately the original pickup is missing from this guitar

Top loader holes?: Yes. The bridge plate has holes for both top load and back load. 

Neck heel date: "6/60" in pencil indicating June of 1960

Pickguard: 8 hole nitrate (mint green)

"Esq" mark: Present on body under pickguard

1960 Fender Custom Esquire body cavities under pickguard with "Esq" mark

Fender Esquire Custom Model History

The single pickup Esquire Custom debuted in 1959 alongside the two pickup Telecaster Custom. While the standard finish for the Esquire and Telecaster was a translucent Blond, the Customs received the attractive Sunburst finish with double edge binding. Aside from the finish, binding, and peghead model name, all other features were the same as similar year Telecaster and Esquire guitars. The 1960 Fender catalog described the Custom treatment as follows, "A beautiful highly polished Sunburst finish is used and the top and bottom edges of the solid body are trimmed with white contrasting binding."

While the Esquire Custom is a very popular model today, it seems that most players preferred either to pay more for a second pickup or about the same for a comparable blond finish with second pickup. By 1966, production was down to the single digits. The Esquire Custom was dropped from the price list by 1970.

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Back of the body of the 1960 Fender Esquire Custom guitar


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