1964 Gibson ES-335tdc

The CUSTOM MADE plaque on Bigsby equipped, early to mid Gibson ES guitars was a little misleading but still a cool looking feature. It was used to cover the stop tail stud holes that were already drilled in the top by the time the tremolo was installed. This plaque is covering stud tailpiece holes on a 1964 Gibson ES-335tdc.

Gibson discontinued the stop bar tailpiece in 1965 and opted instead for the easier to install trapeze style tailpiece. Many players insist that the stop bar tailpiece transferred energy to the body more efficiently which makes for a more resonant guitar. What do you think?

I'm always looking for clean examples of vintage Gibson ES-335, ES-345, and ES-355. Let me know if you want to sell a Gibson guitar with a Custom Made plaque. I would love to check it out. You can contact me here to Sell My Vintage Gibson guitar: https://truevintageguitar.com/pages/sell-vintage-gibson-guitar.


John Shults
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