Coming Soon: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr!

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Posted on November 23 2016

Coming Soon: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr!
This 1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr has just emerged from a storage unit in the north west US after decades of neglect. It's possible that the broken jack plate and bent G tuner were the only things that led to its neglect. Those are common problems with Les Pauls and easily remedied today. This guitar shows plenty of wear from being stored without a case for so long but retains all the necessary components for a well playing vintage guitar. The neck is dead straight, the original P-90 pickup is strong, and even the original frets are in excellent playing condition. For sale soon only at!
Do you have a vintage Gibson Les Paul Junior? I'm always looking for guitars like this one. Drop me a line here: Buying Page to send pictures of your guitar.

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