Have you seen this guitar? It should be fairly easy to spot if it still has those fancy dressin's. Clyde Pickerel 1942 Gibson J-45 guitar I found this picture out on the internet of Clyde Pickerel and his 1942-1945 Gibson J-45. This picture was likely taken sometime in the late 1950s since that Les Paul Custom didn't come out until 1954. The guys are sporting the typical greaser styling that was popular during that time period. The Gibson J-45 debuted in 1942 as Gibson's standard Jumbo sized (16") guitar. It initially featured an Adirondack Spruce top and Honduran Mahogany back and sides although wartime shortages forced Gibson to experiment with wood selection during the war. J-45 from the war time can be found with Mahogany tops, laminate Maple backs and sides, with or without truss rods, etc. In 1944 the company was purchased by CMI which brought along with it new cash supplies that allowed Gibson to purchase the correct parts they needed such as truss rods and Sitka Spruce. The guitars still bore the "Only a Gibson is Good Enough" banner until sometime between 1945 and 1946. vintage gibson banner headstock j-45 1943 only a gibson is good enough Have you seen the aforementioned CLyde Pickerel Gibson J-45? Please contact me. I'd love to know where it's ended up and what condition it is in.  

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