1967 Gibson SG Junior White - or is it? SG TV

John Shults

Posted on June 07 2020

1967 Gibson SG Junior White TV vintage electric guitar


…. or is it an SG Junior? Does a factory White 1967 Gibson SG Junior even exist? The 1967 Gibson Price List doesn't list White as an option for the SG Junior :) You can hear this killer sounding vintage Gibson guitar played through a 1971 Fender Princeton Reverb-Amp here.

I'm always a vintage Gibson guitar buyer but I'm especially looking for 1960s Gibson electric guitars with white finish. Contact me here to sell a vintage Gibson guitar

1967 Gibson SG Junior White on YouTube!

This vintage Gibson SG from 1967 is available at the time of this posting here: 1967 Gibson SG TV. Check out that great original White finish that isn’t technically a custom color for this guitar. If it was a custom color then it would be called Polaris White. Watch the video to hear this one in action!

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