1960 Fender Custom Telecaster

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Posted on September 01 2015

1960 Fender Custom Telecaster
Fender introduced a new version of their popular Telecaster model in the Summer of 1959: the Custom Telecaster. Not much had changed except for the addition of body binding and sunburst finish. This Custom Telecaster, owned by a friend, is from 1960. DSC_1196   This vintage Fender Telecaster has been wonderfully preserved and still retains its original case. The sunburst finish is ever so slightly imperfect which is evidence of its handmade nature. The neck is constructed of a slab of Rosewood over Maple with no need for a skunk stripe on the back. The slab fretboard only lasted a few years until Fender opted for a veneer of Rosewood instead.   DSC_1200     This 1960 Fender Custom Telecaster is in very nice original condition and highly collectible. Do you have a late 1950s or 1960s Fender Custom Telecaster for sale? I'm always looking to buy vintage Fender guitars. I'd interested in taking a look at yours as well. Use this contact form to send pictures of your guitar. DSC_1205

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