1956 Danelectro U-2 Guitar Grained Ivory Leatherette with Case

John Shults

Posted on January 01 2021

Vintage Danelectro cream white electric guitar


This vintage 1956 Danelectro U-2 guitar in rare grained ivory leatherette covering with original hardshell tweed covered case is certainly one of my favorite vintage guitars to come through the shop in 2020. It came to me via a neighbor of its original owner and was amazingly well preserved inside the case. 

I'm always a vintage guitar buyer but I'm especially looking for late 1950s and 1960s Danelectro guitars. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Danelectro guitar. 

where to sell vintage Danelectro guitars

Behold, the Danelectro U-2 in all its glory! Nathan Daniel's design seems value playability and simplicity in manufacturing over fine craftsmanship like a Gibson guitar. The Danelectro guitars of the 50s and 60s were made out of a Poplar interior frame with Masonite top and back. A Poplar neck with Rosewood fretboard was bolted to the body and uses two inlaid non-adjustable rods for stability. The bridge was constructed of a chromed steel plate with Rosewood saddle and sits atop three large Phillips head screws to adjust the height. it's a remarkably simple design that yielded an inexpensive but supremely playable electric guitar still popular to this day. 

 Vintage Danelectro U2 guitar

The controls and pickup wiring are also unique on Danelectro guitars. The knobs are concentric in that the top white part controls the volume and the bottom brown part controls the tone. There's a three way pickup selector switch like many two pickup guitars, except that the middle position features both pickups wired in series instead of parallel. It's a pretty cool Dano feature that offers a sort of boost in that in position. 

 1950s Danelectro headstock

This Danelectro U-2 from 1956 features the coke bottle shaped headstock paintend black with silver logo. The body color is a cream white feaux leather material that the Danelectro catalog called Grained Ivory Leatherette.

I'm always a vintage guitar buyer but I'm especially looking to buy Danelectro guitars like this one. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Danelectro guitar

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