early 1965 Epiphone FT-90 El Dorado w/Rim Stinger

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Posted on August 08 2019

1965 Epiphone FT-90 El Dorado 261724-009Gibson's line of Epiphone branded acoustic guitars gained a new model in 1963: the FT-90 El Dorado. The FT-90 was essentially a long scale Hummingbird with an attractive long pickguard, natural finish (also available on the Hummingbird in '63), and trapezoid fretboard inlays. Like the FT-110 Frontier, the El Dorado's cool aesthetic changed in late 1965 and it lost its cool large pickguard. This clean, early 1965 Epiphone FT-90 El Dorado has just come from the original owner in its original case. Ken played this guitar in a group for about a year in 1967 before finding success in business instead of music. He assured me that the alligator chipboard case, more common to 1950s Gibson acoustics, is the case that he left the store with in 1967. The El Dorado is in immaculate condition with very little playing wear. The rim stinger is a rare feature that's common to Gibson guitars in 1965 (check out our 1965 Epiphone FT-79 with the same stinger). It is in all original condition with no repairs or replaced parts (new strings). It's got that deep rumbly Americana tone that the pre-1965 Gibson guitars are known for. We're including a proper hard case with the sale since the chipboard case may not protect the guitar in shipping. You'll receive both cases.

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