1977 Gibson RD Artist Bass MOOG

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Posted on August 08 2019

1977 Gibson RD Artist Bass-006The Gibson RD77 Artist Bass was introduced in 1977 and featured MOOG active electronics inside a modified Thunderbird shaped offset body. Bob Moog personally designed the active electronics which included a compression circuit for the neck pickup and an expansion circuit for the bridge pickup. The circuit also included a spunky active preamp boost. This first year RD77 Artist Bass has survived in very nice original condition and is ready to go back to work. This particular guitar received some very nice sticks of Maple for the body that included some aesthetically pleasing flame. It's setup with with a straight neck, low action and fresh strings. The MOOG electronics are untouched and in excellent working condition. The case does show wear from storage and a few of the spots have been touched up with black marker. The guitar shows very little wear but does have some chafing on the sides of the headstock from a stand and a few extra strap button holes on the side of the neck. I'm confident that you'll be pleased with the way this one looks and sounds.

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