This clean vintage Fender Starcaster electric guitar came through the shop last year. It was a joy to play and a fine example of the model. I'm always looking for clean vintage Fender Starcaster guitars but I'm especially looking for Black and White. Please contact me here to sell my vintage Fender Starcaster guitar.

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Fender Starcaster: "The Starcaster. It's a sound at home in New York, Nashville, or Detroit. An instrument built to meet all the demands of the studio, stage and road." -- Fender Starcaster advertisement, 1976.  

Model: Starcaster

Manufacturing Year: Serial number 599677 on the neck plate, 1974 

Specifications: Thinline, semi-hollow offset waist body, two Wide Range Humbucking pickups (Seth Lover designed).

  • Weight: 8lbs 10oz
  • Nut width: 1 5/8"

Originality: Appears to be totally original except for strings. We can find no repairs or replaced parts.

Condition: Excellent. This guitar appears to have very little playing wear. The finish is clean but has typical light scratches. The largest blemish is on the treble side horn where something reacted with the finish, possibly the strap. The guitar appears to have been in its case for decades.

Playability: Excellent! Fresh professional set up.

Notes: The original case is in nice condition but is missing the handle. Included is the original Fender branded strap, case key, and Allen wrenches.


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Original strap, Vintage 1974 Fender Starcaster Sunburst

back of Vintage 1974 Fender Starcaster Sunburst

Flame Maple back, Vintage 1974 Fender Starcaster Sunburst

John Shults

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