This early 1969 Gibson ES-335 TD came from the original owner and has survived in spectacular original condition. I'm always a Gibson guitar buyer but I'm especially looking to buy nice examples of 1950s and 1960s Gibson ES-335 guitars. You can contact me here to sell a Gibson guitar

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This 1969 Gibson ES-335 was purchased by the original owner's parents in 1969 from Carlson's Music Shop in Long Beach, CA. It features the typical specifications for early 1969 including transitional logo, single piece Mahogany neck, and no volute but it also has parallelogram inlays instead of the standard small block inlays.

Gibson was discontinuing their USA Epiphone line at the time which used these inlays for a few models so it's possible these were repurposed for a few batches of ES-335s. All parts appear to be original to the guitar except for the strings. All electronics are in proper working condition and the pickups sound phenomenal. The neck is straight all across the board and the frets have almost no playing evidence. The original case is in nice shape but has a replaced leather handle. The case key is included in the sale. We're confident you'll love playing this clean uncirculated 1969 Gibson ES-335td (edit: Sold! thank you).

The Gibson ES-335 debuted in 1958 with a revolutionary new design: a double cutaway, thin solid body with hollow wings electric guitar. The thin body of this guitar was constructed of a laminated Maple arched top and back but had a solid center Maple block running down the center of the body. The resulting guitar had a warm tonal response but limited the problem of feedback at high stage volumes that many artists had at the time.

Vintage 1969 Gibson ES-335 td electric guitar, Sunburst, paralellogram inlays

Headstock, block Gibson inlays, Vintage 1969 Gibson ES-335 td electric guitar

Vintage 1969 Gibson ES-335 td electric guitar in original hardshell case

witch hat style volume and tone knobs, Vintage 1969 Gibson ES-335 td electric guitar

Special parallelogram fretboard inlays, Vintage 1969 Gibson ES-335 td electric guitar


Headstock, block Gibson logo, Vintage 1969 Gibson ES-335 td electric guitar


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