1966 Fender Duo Sonic II

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Posted on August 08 2019

Fender introduced the Duo-Sonic in 1956 as the two pickup option of the student range. The model was updated in 1964 to the "II" designation with new color options and a 24" scale length. Fender discontinued the slab Rosewood fretboard in 1962 but a few 24" scale necks escaped the factory in late 1965 with slab fretboards instead of veneers. This early 1966 Fender Duo Sonic II in Red (that's Dakota Red) with rare slab Rosewood fretboard shows plenty of wear but remains in nice playing condition. All parts appear to be original to the guitar except for the strings. The original electronics are in good working condition and the neck is straight. There were two extra string trees previously installed that have been removed. There was also a plastic name plate on the pickguard that has since been removed. We're including the cool original Bobby Lee strap with the guitar. We're confident you'll love this slab board Duo Sonic II!

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