This vintage 1965 Silvertone 1485 guitar amplifier with 6 speaker cabinet came through the shop a few years ago. I'm always a vintage Silvertone and Danelectro guitar amp buyer but I especially love the six speaker 1485 model. Please call me to sell a vintage Silvertone guitar amp

The Silvertone 1485 was the largest of the Danelectro manufactured amplifiers distributed by Sears in the 1960s. The 1485 featured a unique single preamp/twin power amp circuit which drove six Jensen C10Q speakers - three for each power section. This allowed them to manufacture what was essentially a 1484 (Twin Telve) with two identical power sections that drove to different sections of the cabinet. The two output transformers are the exact same ones that were used for the 1484. It also has a much difference frequency response as a result of the six 10" Jensens compared to the two 12" Jensens in the 1484. It even came with it's own detachable factory made caster dolly. The 1485 is the rarest and most desirable of the 1400 series amplifiers.

This 1485 has survived in wonderful original condition and is ready to go on the road or in the studio. It retains all its original parts except for one preamp tube, one power tube, power supply cable and a few resistors in the reverb section. The fragile cabinet is in great shape as well with just a few tears on one or two of the corners. It's structurally as solid as it was right out of the factory. The Jensen C10Q speakers are also original to the amp and have matching date codes and original solder. All cones are original to the speakers and sound strong. The footswitch too is original to the amp and in proper working condition.

Many of these old Silvertone 1485 amplifiers have either been ragged out or gutted for all their cool original parts. Those maroon and gold Jensen C10Q speakers are known for being the perfect speaker for your blackface Princeton Reverb-Amp. Fortunately, this one has been spared of that fate and has all the cool original parts in good working condition (edit: sold!)

vintage 1965 Silvertone 1485 guitar amp six speakers

vintage 1965 Silvertone guitar amp

silvertone two button footswitch tremolo reverb

vintage Silvertone guitar amp 1485 1965

sears Silvertone guitar amp

vintage Sears Silvertone guitar amp

John Shults


Had one of these in late 60’s, had band in high school, only amp we had so all 3 guitars plugged into it. It’s sound was fantastic and the reverb unit was awesome. Sold it in the early 80’s, now I wish I still had it .

— George Deer

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