1964 Gibson GA-17RVT

John Shults

Posted on August 04 2020

1964 Gibson GA-17 Scout amplifier


This vintage 1964 Gibson GA-17 Scout amplifier is one of the few in my private collection. I'm always a Gibson guitar and amplifier buyer but I especially love the Gibsons from the early 1960s. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Gibson guitar or amp. 

The 1960s Gibson amplifiers still seem to fly under the radar even today. The Scout featured a simple control set up with only Volume, Reverb and Tone knobs. It also came with a foot switch for the Reverb and Tremolo. Gibson claimed about 17 watts using a pair of 6BQ5 power tubes and a 10" speaker.

The normal channel has had its filter caps replaced but the reverb channel still has some standard tube amp hum. These amps don't break up like a Fender, or hardly at all. They seem to be voiced a bit darker than a Fender and the reverb doesn't get quite as swampy. The clean tone is a bit richer and full than the chimey Fender style cleans. These amps shine with a nice pedal board out front. They can really even out a bright Tele bridge pickup.

Vintage 1964 Gibson guitar amp Scout

1964 Gibson GA-17 RT guitar amp

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