This rare 1964 Fender King acoustic guitar with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides came through the shop a few years ago. It had all the cool pre-CBS Fender features like the clay fretboard dots, red pepperoni pickguard, and of course the Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. I'm always a vintage Fender guitar buyer but I especially love the 1965 and earlier Fender acoustic guitars. Please contact me to sell a vintage Fender guitar.

The Fender King was offered from 1963 to 1965 as Fender's first foray into making its own acoustic instruments. This 15 5/8" wide dreadnought guitar featured Fender's standard bolt on neck with adjustable truss rod at the heel. It was offered in Mahogany, Zebrawood and Vermillion but only a select few received Brazilian Rosewood. The King was retired in 1965 in favor of the Kingman which received post-CBS transition features.

This ~1964 Fender King has survived in great condition with the help of its original Lifton hard case. It's one of the lucky recipients of actual Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. It still retains all its original parts with the exception of a new set 0f strings. It's got all the cool pre-CBS takeover features such as clay fretboard dots, single line Kluson tuners, smaller headstock and Patent Pending sticker. The finish is original to the guitar and does show light signs of wear including some scratches on the top and back. The neck is straight, action is low and the frets show minimal wear. The bridge is in good condition with a tiny repaired crack next to the G string pin.

This Brazilian Rosewood, pre-CBS takeover Fender King is in solid cosmetic and structural condition and is ready to go on the road, in the studio or a private collection. I was surprised at the low end bass response and bold mid range tone of this guitar. It's a pleasure to play will remain a rare collectable. 

 Brazilian Rosewood Fender King guitar 1964

1964 Fender King guitar original Lifton case

Vintage 1964 Fender King Brazilian Rosewood acoustic guitar

Fender King acoustic guitar 1964

1964 Fender King acoustic guitar Brazilian Rosewood

Fender King neck plate 1964

Fender King headstock 1964

Single line Kluson tuners 1964 Fender King

Vintage 1964 Fender King acoustic guitar

Brazilian Rosewood rims vintage 1964 Fender King

Clay Dots 1964 Fender King guitar


John Shults

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