This amazingly clean 1960 Gibson GA-18 Explorer guitar amplifier in original Tweed covering came through the shop a few years ago. It was a fine sounding vintage Gibson guitar amplifier. I'm always a buyer for vintage Gibson guitar amplifiers but I especially love the tweed GA-18 Explorer model. Please contact me to sell a vintage Gibson guitar amplifier.

It's so rare to come across truly mint museum piece of history like this 1960 Gibson GA-18 Explorer amp. The Gibson GA-18 Explorer was only on the market in this configuration for 1959 to 1960 making this an excellent compliment to your period Gibson solid body electric. It uses a very similar setup to the Fender Deluxe including two 12ax7 preamp tubes, two 6v6 power tubes and a 5y3 rectifier tube. The Explorer amp makes about 14 watts and features a great tremolo effect.

This 1960 Gibson GA-18 Explorer is truly in museum mint condition. It operates exactly as it should on completely original parts including Gibson branded tubes and Astron electrolytic capacitors. The tweed is still in perfect condition with the soft lacquer that so often fades and rubs off. The chrome is shiny and devoid of rust or pitting. The original Jensen speaker is strong and sounds like a tiny piece of vintage gear heaven. This amp still retains the original two prong power supply.

This Gibson Explorer amp is the nicest example of the model unless you have one in an unopened shipping box. The late 1950s Gibson amplifiers have flown under the vintage player's radar for a time but that's all changing. These amps are completely different than their 1960s cousins that were actually made in a factory down the street from the actual Gibson factory in Kalamazoo. This one came off the line right next to sunburst Les Paul Standards and J-200s. Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to speak with me directly about this 1960 Gibson GA-18 Explorer (edit: sold!).

 Vintage 1960 Gibson GA-18 Explorer guitar amp

Gibson raised metal logo 1960

Vintage 1960 Gibson GA-18 Explorer guitar amp

Chassis, circuit, vintage 1960 Gibson GA-18 Explorer

Original Raytheon tubes, vintage 1960 Gibson GA-18 Explorer


John Shults

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