This vintage 1960 DeArmond R15 T guitar amplifier with Jensen speaker and tremolo came through the shop a few years ago. I'm always a vintage guitar amp buyer but I especially love the brown DeArmond guitar amps. You can contact me here to sell a vintage Dearmond amp

From the June 1960 De Armond amplifier catalog, “Born of many years of research and experimentation with “live” musical instrument amplification, De Armond amplifiers can be expected to faithfully project the instrument tones without false compensation.” The De Armond amps are few and far between but well worth the time spent hunting them. They're known for their quality components, large overwound transformers, and tweed era style tone. The R15t features about 15 watts of output from two 12ax7 preamp and two 6v6 power tubes in a push pull configuration. The "-t" version also includes 12ax7 driven tremolo with footswitch.

This 1960 DeArmond R15t is in good condition and ready for the stage, studio, or collection. All parts appear to be original to the amp except for the three prong power supply, new leather handle, RCA power tubes, a few caps in the tremolo circuit, tone potentiometer, and two replaced grid resistors. The original transformers and Jensen P12R speaker sound strong and handled high volume well. We're including a recent Celestion Creamback speaker so you can play without fear of damaging the original speaker. We're confident you'll love the tone from this 1960 DeArmond R15t amplifier.

Old brown guitar amplifier Dearmond

Vintage 1960 DeArmond R15 T guitar amp

Copper face plate control panel Dearmond R15T

Vintage DeArmond amp chassis

DeArmond tube chart label

Jensen P12R speaker DeArmond R15

John Shults


I own a DeArmond R15T and in need of a new handle. Would anyone know what the length of the handle should be. Thanks.

— Steve

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