1957 Gibson Les Paul TV Model

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Posted on August 08 2019

Gibson's Les Paul TV Model was officially offered in the 1956 catalog but was listed next to the Special instead of the similarly appointed Junior. Shipping records for the time period indicate that 552 TV Models were produced in 1957 compared to 1,452 Specials and 2,959 Juniors (not including 3/4 size guitars, data from Gibson Electrics: The Classic Years by A. R. Duchossoir). The model stayed largely unchanged from '54-'58 with the exception of the pickup being moved slightly away from the bridge to allow for greater treble side bridge stud stability in 1956. This 1957 Gibson Les Paul TV Model has survived in wonderful original condition with no repairs. The clean finish exhibits light checking and little signs of prior wear. The neck and fretboard are straight and the frets show very little signs of wear. All electronics appear to be original to the guitar and in untouched condition. The case is period correct although not original to the guitar. The case handle was been poorly substituted. We're confident you'll love the tone and playability of this clean '57 Gibson Les Paul TV Model!

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