This vintage 1952 Gibson LG-3 acoustic guitar came through the shop many years back. It was a fine playing and sounding Gibson acoustic guitar. Please contact me to sell a vintage Gibson acoustic guitar.

The LG-3 is distinguished from the LG-2 by its natural finished, high grade Spruce top and lightly stained Mahogany back and sides. Other construction features include a 24 3/4" scale length, 14 1/2" wide body and an X braced top. This model was the fanciest and most expensive small body Gibson acoustic offered from 1942 until 1961. The model took a brief hiatus from 1943 to 1948 when Gibson cut down the number offered because of wartime materials shortages and production restrictions. Gibson reintroduced the model in 1948 but decided to make many more LG-2s than the 3s. As a result, the LG-3 can be a bit difficult to track down.

This 1952 Gibson LG-3 has survived in very good condition and is ready to go back into service as a stage, studio or living room guitar. It's got early production features such as solid Mahogany sides, thin scalloped top braces and teardrop pickguard. The guitar is very lightly built and the tone is exactly as one would expect from an old Gibson small body acoustic guitar: dry and woody with a robust low to mid range. These guitars are perfect for the singer-songwriter types. Repairs include a reglued bridge, replaced tuner buttons (machines original) and a few cracks glued on the bottom of the guitar near the end pin. The bridge is tight to the top and structurally sound but it isn't the prettiest bridge reglue. The cracks at the bottom have been glued and are structurally sound. The neck angle is just as it left the factory and would you believe it? It still has the factory cut saddle height. The neck is straight and the frets show moderate wear in the first position. The frets still have plenty of life in them and don't interfere with the player. The original Alligator case is in solid condition but does show wear from years of toting this little Gibson. The original handle was replaced with a new leather handle. This 1952 Gibson LG-3 is in great playing condition and is ready to be your new workhorse guitar. The top is lightly braced and the player can really feel the old dry wood vibrate and rumble throughout the body. Call the number at the top of the screen or use the contact form on the right to talk to me directly about this 1952 Gibson LG-3 with original Gibson branded Alligator case.


1952 Gibson LG-3 vintage acoustic guitar

No line Kluson tuners, Gibson LG-3 1952

Z factory order number, 1952 Gibson

1952 Gibson LG-3 vintage acoustic guitar

John Shults

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