This vintage 1937 Gibson acoustic guitar in original Black finish came through the shop a few years ago. I'm always a vintage Gibson guitar buyer but I especially love the Martin and Gibson acoustic guitars from the 1930s. Please contact me here to sell a vintage Gibson guitar.

Gibson's L-00 flat-top guitar made its first catalog appearance in 1932 amidst many improvements across the steel string acoustic line. In 1933, Gibson extended the neck to join the body at the 14th fret instead of the 12th fret which coincided with the beginning of the golden age of the modern acoustic guitar. The L-00 model was Gibson's lowest priced name brand flat-top acoustic guitar with humble appointments including a stencil painted script "Gibson" logo, single layer top and back binding, and simple pearl dot fretboard inlays. It was offered in a standard Sunburst finish or an opaque black finish on and off throughout its production run completing in 1945. Woody Guthrie's famous late 1930s Gibson L-00 too was finished in black with firestripe pickguard and adorned with his famous home-made sticker, "This machine kills fascists."

This Gibson L-00 FON 529C-83 is listed in Spann's Guide To Gibson under the published shipping records from 1937. It features standard specifications for the production year including an X braced Adirondack Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, 1 3/4" Ebony nut, and original black nitrocellulose finish. Repairs include a neck reset for proper action and saddle height and one >1" top crack glued between fretboard and rosette. It shows wear on the fretboard and frets in the first few frets but doesn't inhibit the player's experience. We're thrilled to offer this stunning little Gibson with attractive aesthetic and raw bluesy acoustic tone for which these guitars are known.

Gibson L-00 acoustic guitar black 1937

White Gibson stencil script logo 1930s guitar

Gibson guitar Black vintage 1930s

Gibson L-00 acoustic guitar Black 1937

Gibson factory order number, FON, neck block, 1930s guitar

Black finish acoustic guitar Gibson L-00 1937

John Shults


I have been looking for a Gibson L-OO with a white pick guard. Have not seen very many with a
tortoise shell pick guard and am interested in finding out more about this instrument.
What do you want for it?

— Paul Rishell

I absolutely want this Guitar! I sold mine as a teenager and have regretted it ever since! Any hope that you can help me find one or this one?

— William A. Giese

The #’s inside the sound hole look to be 428 and a symbol that could be a c

— Mike

I have a 1937l-00 and would love to know what the numbers inside mean

— Mike

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