Gibson’s SG body style debuted in 1961 as the next version of the Les Paul signature model. It wasn’t until 1963 that the “Les Paul” graphic was removed from the headstock in favor of the classic “Crown” inlay and it was renamed “SG Standard.” The SG Standard featured a solid Mahogany body and neck with two of Gibson’s popular humbucking pickups. Other important features included a neck that joined the body at the 19th fret and two cutaways that allow full access to the entire fretboard.

This 1977 Gibson SG Standard has just come from the original owner. It shows no evidence of prior repairs or modifications. It’s in good playable condition but shows moderate fret wear in the first 7 frets. All electronics are original and in good working condition. There is a hairline lacquer crack on the back of the neck between the 4th and 8th fret. The truss rod is in good working condition and the neck is straight. We’re confident you’ll love the tone and playability of this 1977 Gibson SG Standard.