1972 Gibson ES-335tdc Lefty-018The Gibson ES-335 debuted in 1958 with a revolutionary new design: a double cutaway, thin solid body with hollow wings electric guitar. The thin body of this guitar was constructed of a laminated Maple arched top and back but had a solid center Maple block running down the center of the body. The resulting guitar had a warm tonal response but limited the problem of feedback at high stage volumes that many artists had at the time. The new ES-335 was fitted with Gibson’s Humbucking pickups and became a success. This versatile model was popularized across almost all styles of music.

This rare left hand 1973 Gibson ES-335 is in near mint condition and ready to go in the studio or collection. The guitar is original and unmodified. It shows almost no playing wear and very minimal checking. The neck is straight and the deep cherry stain is unfaded. The original tar back humbucking pickups are strong, hot and clear. The neck features an earlier style small volute and upgraded fitted hard case. All parts are original to the guitar except for a replaced tailpiece (original in case with broken henge).

This nearly uncirculated Gibson ES-335tdc is clean and ready to be put back to work. The quality American made electronics all function like new. This guitar would be comfortable on the road, in the studio or in your collection.