Fender debuted the Jaguar model in 1962 as the next jewel in the offset line. The Jaguar featured a slightly modified version of the Jazzmaster’s offset body, proprietary shielded single coil pickups, a rhythm/lead circuit with bass cut switch, a new “Fender Mute” bridge mute and the Jazzmaster’s tremolo and bridge system. Fender placed the Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars at the top of the line in the early 1960s. Custom colors were offered for offset guitars with common colors including Olympic White, Candy Apple Red, and Lake Placid Blue. More rare colors include Fiesta Red, Sonic Blue and even more rare – Black.

This 1964 Fender Jaguar in rare custom color Black with matching headstock has just come from the original owner. It has been played but remains in very nice original condition. All parts are original to the guitar except for one bridge spring and screw and the foam on the mute and underneath the pickups. The guitar required nothing but cleaning, setup, and a fresh set of strings. It’s in excellent playing condition with very little fret wear. There is a significant area of buckle wear on the back, some deep scratches on the back, and a little cloudiness in the forearm wear area. We’re confident you’ll love this one owner, rare custom color pre-CBS Fender Jaguar.