1960 Fender Jazzmaster 53862-002After a slow start in 1958, the Fender Jazzmaster quickly picked up steam as an American classic. While never as popular as the Stratocaster or Telecaster, the Jazzmaster has gathered a cult following as a result of its unique offset styling and proprietary pickups and electronics. The Jazzmaster has been in production in some form since its introduction except for a short hiatus from 1982 to 1986. The Jazzmaster’s pickups are unique in that the coils are only 1/8″ high but extend out to the edge of the almost inch wide bobbin.

This gorgeous original 1960 Fender Jazzmaster with strap and coily cable has just come in from the wife of the original owner.¬†She said her husband purchased the guitar new and played in a military band until losing a finger in a work accident in 1963. She can’t remember him playing it after the accident and they always kept it in their closet- until now.

The guitar, marked “6-60” (June 1960) on the neck heel, is in very nice original condition with no modifications or prior repairs. All parts appear to be original to the guitar including the oft missing amber switch tip and bridge cover. The neck is dead straight and exhibits very little fret wear. The truss rod is in good functioning condition. The electronics too are in good working condition with no repairs. The original faded pickguard exhibits mild shrinkage and warping that doesn’t affect playability. The finish is original and shows very mild checking and some bumps/scratches. The tuners too are in good working condition although the high “e” string tuner has a broken wing (see pictures). It still holds tune nicely so we’ve opted to leave it. The case is in good but well worn condition and exhibits a mild musty closet smell. It will likely subside now that the case will be opened for longer periods of time. The case has a few spots of repair near the top of the neck area and a few brads holding the lining to the case.

We’re confident you’ll love the playability and tone from this June 1960 Fender Jazzmaster.