From the 1957 Fender catalog, “CHAMP AMP: The Champ has the top mounted chrome plated chassis with two input jacks, volume control, jewel panel light, and extractor type panel mounted fuse holder. The speaker is a high quality permanent magnet speaker, and the volume and fidelity of this amplifier will be found to be exceptional for an amplifier of such low cost.”

This 1957 Fender Champ Amp has just come out of retirement along with its matching Champion steel guitar (listing is for the amp only). It appears to be completely original including the often replaced leather handle and tweed. Our cleaning procedure consisted of wipe down with dry cloth, disassembly and cleaning of the interior cabinet and chassis, potentiometer cleaning with contact cleaner, and jacks and switches cleaning with contact cleaner.

We reassembled the amp and tested carefully for a few minutes. The original filter capacitors are decades past their useful lifespan but appeared to work during our test. The original tubes too are working but past their useful lifespan. The amp had strong volume and breakup and didn’t exhibit excessive hum from faulty capacitors. Still, we recommend they be updated professionally before playing the amp. We also recommend that the original two prong power cord be updated to a grounded cord for safety. We’re confident you’ll love this 1957 Fender Champ Amp!