1969 Marshall catalog: “MARSHALL – 4×12 Speaker Cabinets – Model 1982 LEAD or BASS – Angled Front – Containing four 12″ High Power Celestion Loudspeakers giving a power output capacity of 100 watts.” The 1982 model was the heavier duty, professional touring grade version of the 1960 model cabinet featuring Celestion G12H speakers instead of the 1960’s G12M with smaller magnet. Many pro players took advantage of the 1982’s power but none more popular than Jimi Hendrix.

This clean basketweave Model 1982a cabinet has just come out of decades of retirement and features all four original pre-Rola G12H (T1281) Greenback Celestion speakers with matching April 1968 date codes and original  7__102_014 Pulsonic cones. It appears to be original and unmodified except for replaced castors and (now removed) interior insulation. All coils read properly out the jack at 13.5 ohms.

The cabinet is located in the Los Angeles area and is only available via local pickup. We’re confident you’ll love this clean and rare 1968 Marshall 1982a cabinet!