The Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve was offered from 1963-1967 and served as the flagship gigging amp of the Sears catalog. The 1484 featured a 12AX7 preamp section and two Silvertone branded RCA 6L6GT power tubes making about 35 watts. They also came stock with twin Jensen C12Q 12″ speakers. While the amp’s reverb left something to be desired, the Tremolo is some of the best around. Sears contracted with the Danelectro company of Neptune, NJ to build the 1481-1485 series of amplifiers. These amps are known today for their creamy smooth drive to full out rock and roll crunchy tone.


JP Doughty purchased this amp in October of 1966 and kept it in incredible condition. It retains all its original parts including tubes and footswitch. He even kept the original owner’s manual, catalog page, and purchase receipt. The amp is in perfect operating condition¬†including the so often non-functioning reverb.¬†We’re confident you’ll love the way this one sounds if you decide to play it.