Gibson’s Les Paul Custom model was reintroduced in 1968 and retained many of the desirable features that the 1950s guitars had. Unlike the 50s Custom, the 1969 version featured a carved Maple cap over a one piece Mahogany body instead of a solid Mahogany body throughout. The Les Paul Custom retailed for $575.00 in September of 1969 according to Gibson’s published suggested retail price catalog.

This 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom has survived in nice condition and is ready for the stage, studio, or collection. It features the typical specifications for August-October 1969 such as the transitional neck tenon, one piece Mahogany body with Maple cap, three piece Mahogany neck with 50s profile, no volute, no Made In USA stamp, and potentiometer codes indicating the 29th week of 1969 (1376929). We received the guitar from a local woman who bought it used from her uncle in the early 1970s. We removed the Grover tuners, installed a period correct set of waffle back Kluson tuners, and shimmed the original tuner bushings. We reinstalled the original pickup covers that were inside the pocket of the case. The only other modification we found was that the bridge screws had been moved forward ever so slightly to allow for best intonation. All solder appears to be original and untouched except for the pickup cover solder.

It weighs 9lbs 11oz and the pickups read 7.85k (neck) and 7.61k (bridge). The original frets are in excellent shape and the neck is straight. The original hard shell case shows were and one side of the handle has been secured with wire. We’re confident you’ll love the tone and playability of this 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom.