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Do you have a classic Martin guitar for sale? Are you looking for information on your antique Martin guitar? I am always buying vintage Martin guitars. Take some basic photos and send me an email or fill out the form on this page where you can upload some photos if you have them. If you’re wondering who buys vintage Martin guitars in Alabama, the Southeast, and the United States then you’ve come to the right place. I’m happy to help you with questions like “what is my vintage Martin guitar worth?”

1954 Martin 00-17


Do you have a Martin guitar you’re looking to sell? Would you like help dating your vintage Martin guitar? Use the contact form on the right at the top of the page to send me pictures and a quick description of your guitar.


I’m always buying vintage Martin guitars. I’m looking to buy vintage Martin D-18 guitars, Martin D-28 guitars, Martin 0-18 guitars, Martin 00-18 guitars, Martin 000-18 guitars, Martin 000-28 guitars, Martin D-45 guitars, and all other Martin models. I’m especially fond of the sunburst or shade top finished Martin guitars.


1954 Martin 00-17-013


If you’re having difficulty dating and identifying your vintage Martin guitar then use the contact form on the right side of the page to send some pictures. I may be able to help.