1964 Gibson Firebird V

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Posted on September 24 2015

1964 Gibson Firebird V
This vintage 1964 Gibson Firebird V is owned by a friend of mine. The Firebird series was introduced in 1963 with a new for Gibson construction design that didn't require a neck joint. The neck is made from a few pieces of Mahogany laminated together and extends as one piece from the headstock to very end of the body. This design is called a "neck through". The body wings are separate pieces of Mahogany that are glued on to the neck. DSC_1704 The Firebird was made with this new neck through style until 1965 when Gibson redesigned the series. The second version involved a neck joint similar to an SG body. The original design is now know as the Reverse body while the post-1965 style is called Non-Reverse. Do you have a Gibson Firebird for sale? Visit my buying page to send pictures of your guitar.

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