1962 Gibson ES-335tdc

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Posted on April 18 2019

1962 Gibson ES-335tdc

There's something about the Gibson ES body style that grabs you as a player. It's the culmination of 60+ years of artistry, engineering, musicianship, drive, passion, and music. Gibson's ES-335 model debuted in 1958 with an aesthetic that channelled Gibson's history of making world class archtop guitars but took advantage of the research and development of the solid body electric guitar. They mated the beauty and resonance of the thinline, f hole archtop shape with the solid center block of the Les Paul Model guitars and made something totally new.

1962 Gibson ES-335 dot neck

The ES-335 was the baseline of the solid center block ES line that included the ES-345 and ES-355. As such, it debuted in 1958 with simple dot fretboard markers. Gibson updated the model with larger block style inlays in 1962 so this example was one of the last with the humble dot fretboard.

1962 Gibson ES-335tdc headstock logo

The ES-335, ES-345, and ES-355 were offered with a few different vibrola tailpieces throughout the years but were also available with the stop bar style tailpiece. Many players believe that the simple stop bar tailpiece can result in a bit more resonant instrument that stays in tune a bit easier. I think that a properly set up Bigbsy can be super resonant and stable but I can appreciate the simplicity of the stop bar too.

1962 Gibson ES-335 back

I'm always on the lookout for fine examples of the Gibson ES series guitars: ES-335, ES-345, and ES-355. Do you have one that you're interested in selling? I'd love to check it out. You can reach out to me here at the Sell My Guitar page. I'm looking forward to seeing it!

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