1957 Gibson Les Paul Special

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Posted on May 18 2019

1957 Gibson Les Paul Special
1957 Gibson Les Paul Special

Gibson's solid body electric guitar line endorsed by popular guitarist Les Paul was in full swing with five models by 1955. The most affordable Les Paul was the Junior, then the Special, then the "Model" which was later called the Standard, and the Custom at the top of the line. A fifth Les Paul was available that Gibson called the TV Model but it was essentially a Junior with a unique finish that Gibson called Limed Mahogany. The Special also featured this unique color option that appeared to be white on a monochromatic television set.

I'm quite fond of Gibson's Les Paul Special model, especially the examples from 1957. The neck profiles were quite large at the time, the frets were smaller in width, the bridge pickup's placement was adjusted forward for more stability. It still featured the original single cutaway style Les Paul body shape. The features are understated with no binding or flashy inlays. It's a straight up rock and roll guitar that does everything you want it to do.

1957 Gibson Les Paul Special headstock

I'm always looking to buy clean examples of Gibson Les Paul guitars. If you're looking for who buys vintage Gibson guitars in Alabama then you've come to the right place. I'd love to check out your Gibson Les Paul Junior, Gibson Les Paul Special, Gibson Les Paul Model or Standard, or Gibson Les Paul Custom. You can reach out to me here at my sell my vintage Gibson guitar page. I'm looking forward to checking it out!

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