1976 Ibanez Bob Wier Standard-006The mid to late 1970s was a golden age for guitar manufacturing in Japan. The US manufacturers were hard pressed to compete with the price and quality of product that Japan was making. This time period gave us some great collectible classic gear such as the Ibanez Artist guitar series and the Ibanez Tube Screamer series. Ibanez went with Bob Weir of the Greatful Dead to promote their top of the line electric solidbody guitar: the 2680 and the 2681. This 1976 Ibanez 2680 Bob Weir Professional guitar is in top playing condition and ready to get back to work. Repairs include a changed switch, changed bridge (original included) and changed neck pickup mounting ring (original pickups!). The bridge pickup mounting ring has a few hairline cracks but is in solid functioning condition. The nut was a bit low so we installed a custom fit bone nut. The frets are original and have plenty of life left in them. The neck is straight and plays like a dream.
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