1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Walnut

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Posted on August 08 2019

"Telecaster Deluxe: A brand new Fender guitar featuring two Humbucking pickups." -1972 Fender catalog entry. Fender's Telecaster Deluxe was one of three new designs for the Telecaster model expansion in 1972 featuring a solid Alder contour body, two Seth Lover designed humbucking pickups, and a Stratocaster style headstock with sealed deluxe tuners. Seth Lover's humbucking pickup design for Fender in the late 1960s was radically different from the mid 1950s design at Gibson. The Fender version utilized magnetic adjustable pole pieces made of Copper, Nickel, and Iron (commonly called CuNiFe) instead of AlNiCo bar magnets beneath the pole pieces. Reproduction Wide Range (Fender/Lover) pickups are usually Gibson style bar magnet pickups with simulated CuNiFe poles since it's no longer in production and difficult to source. This clean 1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe has just come from the grandson of the original owner and remains in near mint condition. We were thrilled to find the original hang tag/instruction manual with empty warranty card, inspection card, both Allen wrenches, and grey 1/4" cable. All parts are original to the guitar except for the strings. We found no evidence of player wear on the frets. The neck is straight and responds well to the truss rod. We cleaned the electronics with contact cleaner and found 1973 date codes on the original potentiometers. There's no evidence of player wear on this one except for some light pick marks on the pickguard. It's ready for the stage, studio, or collection!  

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