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Do you want to sell your vintage guitar? Contact me here to sell a Fender guitar or here to sell a Gibson guitar.   |  Take a minute to check out some of the interesting vintage guitar articles in the True Vintage Guitar Blog.   |  Would you like help with what is my vintage guitar worth? Check out the Guitar Appraisal page.   |  Here are some of the vintage guitars I've sold in the past 10 years of dealing: Previous Guitar Inventory Blog. Do you want to be the first to know when I find something cool? First To Know List.

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1964 Fender Jazzmaster Olympic

1959 Fender Stratocaster

1958 Fender Telecaster

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We are always looking to purchase vintage guitars.

Do you have a classic guitar or amplifier you would like to sell? I am always a buyer for quality vintage guitars, amplifiers, effects, etc. You can contact me to sell a vintage guitar. Click here to Sell a Fender Guitar or here to Sell a Gibson guitar. True Vintage Guitar is a vintage guitar shop, online music store, and professional guitar dealer. 

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Vintage Guitar Appraisal Service

Appraisals for vintage Fender, Gibson, and Martin guitars

If you've inherited a vintage Fender, Gibson, or Martin guitar then you need a certified appraisal to find out how much your guitar is worth. The value of a vintage Fender or Gibson guitar depends heavily on first determining the exact make and model, identifying the year by serial number, identify color and features, and a careful inspection for originality.

Click the photo above to speak to a vintage guitar expert with over a decade of experience buying and selling vintage USA made guitars. 

Vintage Guitar Finds

Some of our favorite guitar finds, including a 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard "burst", a 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard "burst", and a beautiful cherry red 1963 Gibson ES-335.