DeArmond R25t

I’m looking to buy a vintage ~1960 DeArmond R25t. These amps were made in Toledo, OH by Rowe Industries for the DeArmond brand name. They feature two Jensen 10″ speakers. Do you have one for sale? I’d like to check it out. Contact me here if you would like to sell: buying page.


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  1. Stephen Kimberley Reply

    hey quest forth brother
    I have an R15 T and it is amazing! I think the 25 is so rare that finding one would be a miracle. Check out the Doug and Pat show on Utube as I will be showing my amp there in a week or two

  2. Michael Reply

    I have an excellent condition R25T and would love to find out what it’s worth. It was gifted to me by my late, great Uncle. Thinking of possibly selling it. Any info would be great!

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