We’re thrilled to have had this mint 1956 Silvertone 1382L in the shop. The 1382 was manufactured by Kay in Chicago but rebranded for distribution through the Sears catalog in 1953. The Thin Twin name came from the look of the two thin blade single coil pickups.


1956 Silvertone 1382-036


Many of these guitars suffer from poorly fit neck joints and warped/non-adjustable necks. This one, however, was in excellent condition with a proper original neck joint, straight neck and factory fret height. The huge neck was really fun to play and the pickups were so different from anything we’ve played. Here’s a taste of what they sound like through a cranked amplifier:

T Bone Burnette is known for touring extensively with his Kay Thin Twin and other Chicago made guitars from the 50s and 60s. But, the guitar is commonly known as the Jimmy Reed model in reference to the original promoter of the guitar.

We’re always looking to buy Kay Thin Twin and Silvertone 1382 guitars. Do you have one for sale? Reach out to us here and send pictures of your guitar. We might just buy it.

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