Ross Teigen has worked on a number of vintage guitars for True Vintage Guitar. I trust Ross with some of my most important guitars. He has done many neck resets, refrets, repaired cracks, reglued loose braces, glued bridges back on, ย and loads of other jobs for me. He worked on a 1934 Gibson L-00, a 1956 Gibson Country Western, a Martin 000-42, Gibson electrics, Fender Jazzmasters, Telecasters and the list goes on.

Teigen Guitars has moved to a new shop location in Hawthorne, Florida. Ross also has a new website called Florida Luthier. It’s a great name because he really is THE luthier in Florida. If you are looking for an experienced luthier who is truly professional and prompt, I recommend Ross Teigen. If you are not in Florida, you can ship your instrument to his shop. He also builds guitars but these days spend most of his time doing neck resets and other repair work on high end vintage guitars.

New Contact Info for Teigen Guitars

Phone: 352-358-8050

Ross’s careful approach is what matters most. He knows how important originality is when it comes to vintage guitars. Most people might call it “restoration”, repairing the guitar correctly and making necessary so it can perform at a professional level. But he likes to call it “conservation” since he is preserving the guitar and leaving it as original as possible.

Ross Teigen inspects a Martin 000-18 guitar in his Florida shop

Ross Teigen inspects a Martin 000-18 guitar in his Florida shop

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