I get a lot of questions about where to get the best replacement case for vintage Gibson slope shoulder dreadnoughts (J-45, Southern Jumbo, SJ, Country Western, J-50, J-35, and similar). These cases are light weight, strong, reasonably priced, and most importantly: perfectly sized. They’ve got great neck support which is so important for protecting your vintage Gibson investment. You won’t have to add any additional packing material if you need to ship your guitar inside this case.



This case has an arched lid to protect another very important part of your vintage Gibson: the top in the bridge area. If your guitar takes a heavy knock in this area during shipping, the arched lid is there to provide a barrier to slow down the impact. I’ve shipped dozens of vintage Gibson J-45s, Southern Jumbos, J-50s, J-35s, Country Westerns, and more in these cases and I’ve never had a problem.

This is the best replacement case for vintage Gibson slope shoulder acoustic guitars that I can find. If you use this link to buy then you’ll not only get the best price, but I’ll get a little to enable me to keep my site going. Let me know what you think of the case when you get it!



Here are a few other guitars that I’ve shipped in this case:

1947 Gibson J-50:


1965 Epiphone FT-79 Texan:


1943 Gibson J-45 (Banner Gibson!)




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  1. Gandulf Hennig Reply

    Hi! Where can I get that J45 case that you are featuring on your website? Who makes / sells it?


  2. Gandulf Hennig Reply

    The reason I’m asking is the link in your post seems to link to a Silver Creek Vintage dreadnought case, not a slope shoulder one.

    • John Shults Reply

      Yes, it says Dreadnought but it’s a perfect fit for a J size slope shoulder Gibson. Mine are always a perfect fit. Sometimes they’re a little tight at first but it breaks in nicely and protects really well.

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