Guitar Repairs & Set-Ups

A good set up on an instrument makes all the difference in the world in playing comfort and tone. I personally set up every instrument to its optimum playable specifications so that you receive a well performing tool that’s ready for the road.

I send the more in depth repairs to my most trusted luthier, Jason Burns of Burns Repair right here in Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve been working non-stop with Jason for six years now and am thrilled with the work that he does. He uses period correct materials such as bone, hot hide glue, pre-ban Brazilian Rosewood where necessary and 100 year old Maple from his stash. When he’s not building his world renowned, turn of the century styled clawhammer banjos, he’s giving my instruments the precision and respect that they deserve.

Amplifier Repair

I send my amplifier repairs to Joseph Dorough of Great Dane Amplification. Joseph has been building and repairing amplifiers for many years now and I have always been pleased with his work. We strive to find the balance between originality and function since original electronic parts tend to wander out of spec over time, even if they are well kept. We want the amplifier to be solid and trustworthy while still retaining the great tone upon which it built its reputation.