Since their introduction in 1964, the Fender amplifiers with Reverb have been an industry standard for electric guitar tone. The Deluxe Reverb is the most popular of the line with its manageable ~22 watt output and 12″ speaker. The Reverb and Tremolo that this amp features has become the benchmark by which many other amp builders have based their circuit and tonal aspirations. This versatile amplifier has been used from Funk to Country and everywhere in between.

This 1977 Fender Deluxe Reverb has just come out of storage after decades of sitting idle. ’77 was the year they transitioned to the pull boost circuitry and this amp features that pull boost but without it being stated on the face plate. We’ve just had Joseph at Great Dane Amplifiers update the filter caps and bias capacitor. All other parts appear to be original except for the speaker (Fender brand replacement in ’79), one plastic volume knob, and the red lamp jewel. All tubes are period Fender branded US tubes but a few were possibly replaced in ’79 when the speaker was updated. All transformer date codes date to mid to late 1977.

The amp sounds killer for thick cleans and smooth drive. I tested the amp with my 1965 Fender Jazzmaster and had trouble pulling myself away from it. The Reverb is thick, sparkly, and swampy when you want it. The pull boost is not a great sounding feature but doesn’t interfere with the tone when switched off. We think you’ll love the way this one sounds.