“ES-345TDC: Exciting to play, thrilling to hear! This great Gibson guitar can produce any sound you’ve ever heard from any guitar. Marvelously versatile, it offers six pre-set tonalities with the Gibson Vari-Tone control and exciting Stereophonic tone separation. It can be played through a stereo amplifier, two channel amplifier, or two separate amplifiers. Special stereo wiring and “Y” cable provide tone separation.” — 1966 Gibson guitar and amplifier catalog

Make and Model: Gibson ES-345TDC

Year: 1974. “869xxx” serial, “Made In USA” stamp, original electronics with date codes reading the 24th week of 1974.

Specifications: 24 3/4″ scale length, 8lbs 8oz, 1 9/16″ nut width (or just a hair over), .80″ neck depth at the first fret, 1.02″ depth at the 12th fret, first year of the Maple neck.

Originality: All parts appear to be original except the pickup selector switch tip. It’s even still got the original Switchcraft stereo cable which is almost always missing from these guitars.

Condition: Excellent with no breaks or repairs! This one is very clean with checking throughout the finish. The original Sunburst finish is clean and shows no fading. The gold hardware shows only a little tarnish on the pickups.

Playability: Excellent! This one exhibits no visible fret wear. The truss rod works exactly as intended and the bridge doesn’t show any signs of collapsing. It plays like a dream!

Notes: Now available from True Vintage Guitar! This clean ’74 Gibson ES-345TD has just come from the long time owner. He owned a music shop in Huntsville, Alabama in the 1990s and would often trade new guitars for vintage guitars. He never sold his vintage guitars until now. He’s downsizing after retirement and willing to let a few go. I was honored to get this clean example of Gibson’s ES-345td. The only issue it had was a replaced switch tip. The rest of the guitar is gorgeous and plays like a dream with perfect neck and frets, no bruises or signs of misuse, and original stereo wiring with no signs of modifications. I’m confident you’ll love it too.